Illustrative Collages For Sale

Browse our collection of illustrative collage for sale. We offer illustrative collage within a variety of styles and mediums, including drawings, prints and photography.

Irene Hoff forms elegant collages which overflow with charm and imagination. When all is one captures both the minimalist style and timeless elegance of Japanese culture.

Emma Johnson curates 3D layered maps which explore themes of memory, time and place. Johnson’s maps are methodically complex and rich with meaning.

Sarah Thomas builds exotic collages using digital drawing software. Thomas’ decorative, digital media portraits delve into her fascination with socio-cultural anthropology, often drawing inspiration from elaborate, idiosyncratic spiritual traditions.

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      Lost in translation

      Collage - 160x160cmRent for $ 415/mo

      The fish with the dragon tatoo

      Collage - 160x160cmRent for $ 450/mo

      When all is one

      Collage - 100x100cmRent for $ 235/mo


      Collage - 150x125cmRent for $ 325/mo

      In line with the rest

      Collage - 100x80cmRent for $ 240/mo


      Collage - 16x16cm

      Blind sided

      Collage - 180x160cmRent for $ 455/mo

      We are family

      Collage - 160x160cmRent for $ 405/mo

      Shirts for boys 2

      Collage - 33x23cmRent for $ 32/mo

      Chick on a mission

      Collage - 120x160cmRent for $ 355/mo

      Dream big

      Collage - 140x140cmRent for $ 330/mo