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Our selection of fine art photography for sale showcases artwork from award-winning photographers active today. Delve into our collection, ranging from the abstract to the photoreal. We pick each photographic print, making it easy and accessible for you to browse the best new fine art photography. Why not start by exploring our landscape, animal or portrait photography?

From the real to the surreal, we sell it all. Tommy Clarke, 2015’s Landscape Photographer of the Year, captures aerial shots of coastal locations. His photography offers new perspectives and highlights the natural colours and shapes of the world we live in. In contrast, Peter Horvath focuses on the deconstruction and recontextualisation of imagery through collage techniques. He uses juxtaposition, scale and saturated colour to produce surreal and sometimes humorous re-workings.

Many of our fine art photographers are internationally recognised. Andrew Lever is an award-winning travel and fine art photographer whose photography celebrates diversity and exploration. Vietnam Stories 3 (2016) is a striking portrait of a Vietnamese woman Andrew met during his travels. His photographs capture the warmth and humour of the Vietnamese people and will be sure to inspire the traveling spirit within you. Vikram Kushwah was the Portrait of Britain 2018 and 2019 winner. His photograph Emily Sitting in the Library (2012) depicts a young girl sitting above a bookshelf in a home library. Vikram’s heavy influence from Tim Walker’s imaginative photography is evidenced in the playfulness and mystery of the image. We love how he forces you to question the image’s narrative.

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Joseph Niepce is credited as the first person to capture a photographic image in 1827. The daguerreotype, the first form of photography, required a 2-3 second exposure time to capture a photo and was commonly used for portrait photography. Photographic portraiture became increasingly popular in the 19th century due to the demand from the rising middle classes in Europe and America.

In 1991, the first commercial digital camera was created. Advancements in digital technology and subsequent improvements of photographic features, such as wide-angle shots, increased resolution, shutter motions, and filters, have allowed for the creative experimentation of contemporary photographers.

Find out more in our Guide to Fine Art Photography.

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    TAXONOMY II by Anna Church


    Photography - 92x72 cm
    Cottongrass (Langanes, Iceland) by Tommy Kwak

    Cottongrass (Langanes, Iceland)

    Photography - 76x102 cm
    Noir Soulage by Michèle Sainte-Beuve

    Noir Soulage

    Photography - 86x66 cm
    Indian Pink Dream by ZIESOOK YOU

    Indian Pink Dream

    Photography - 76x51 cm
    Atrium, paris by Caroline Gasch

    Atrium, paris

    Photography - 80x80 cm
    Waves 16 (Faroe Islands) by Tommy Kwak

    Waves 16 (Faroe Islands)

    Photography - 102x127 cm
    KARMA by Thalie B. Vernet


    Photography - 121x81 cm
    sans titre 83 by Thomas Gigot

    sans titre 83

    Photography - 55x80 cm
    Sans titre 101 by Thomas Gigot

    Sans titre 101

    Photography - 80x55 cm
    Nude + Oil + Waterbed= X by Javiera Estrada

    Nude + Oil + Waterbed= X

    Photography - 101x152 cm

    Heart of Gold

    Photography - 70x70 cm


    Photography - 66x51 cm


    Photography - 112x112 cmRent for $195 /mo

    Wynwood 2014

    Photography - 123x100 cm

    Synchronized Breathing

    Photography - 73x73 cm

    Hamadryades 12

    Photography - 45x30 cm

    Lower Manhattan (Pink 3)

    Photography - 102x159 cm

    Better Days

    Photography - 82x112 cm

    Pink Pink

    Photography - 71x51 cm

    Ce qu'il reste de nous

    Photography - 50x50 cm

    Elvis On Blue

    Photography - 91x72 cm

    El Paisaje Perturbado

    Photography - 102x152 cmRent for $115 /mo

    Le cul blanc

    Photography - 100x150 cm

    Le mensonge

    Photography - 74x46 cm

    Broken sleep

    Photography - 80x80 cm

    Once was home

    Photography - 50x50 cm

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