Piper Olivas

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Piper Huntington Olivas is an emerging photographer who explores the female form and themes of aging and growth.
Piper’s photojournalistic works experiment with mixed-media arrangements, creating unusual perspective shifts and exquisite details.
The up-and-coming photographer has been the recipient of multiple prestigious scholarships and has exhibited widely across the US.

American fine art photographer Piper Huntington Olivas explores the delicate and unpredictable relationship between nature and identity. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, the emerging artist recently earned her BFA in Photojournalism from California College of the Arts. Piper is now based in Los Angeles.

Piper Olivas' Style

Themes of ageing and growth feature widely in Piper's semi-abstract works. Placing particular emphasis on the female form and nudes, Piper uses mixed-media arrangements to create polarity and conflict, disrupting one's perception. For example, from her series The Body is the Heaviest Burden, in Metamorphosis, Piper seamlessly weaves together canvas and ink and stretches the image over wood bars. Drawing inspiration from a range of classical poetry and prose and experimenting with self-portraits, elements of the artist's own identity surface in her works too.

Awards & Exhibitions

Piper received the Emerging Talent Photography Scholarship Award (Santa Fe University of Art & Design, 2015) and the President’s Honors Artist’s Scholarship Award (University of Miami, 2017). Piper has also exhibited her photographs across the US, including at Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Oakland, California (To Trace a Line, 2019), SF Camerawork, San Francisco, California (Disquiet Bodies, 2019), and Art in General, Brooklyn, New York (Here now, Gone, 2019). In 2016, Piper featured in an edition of La Féminité, an Arts & Photography publication.

Piper Olivas Artworks

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    Untitled (Ruigoord) by Piper Olivas

    Untitled (Ruigoord)

    Photography - 25x20 cm
    King Snake by Piper Olivas

    King Snake

    Photography - 102x76 cm
    Hadrurus by Piper Olivas


    Photography - 102x76 cm
    Metamorphosis  by Piper Olivas


    Photography - 142x112 cm

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