Nature Art

Nature art is an artwork that features any subject deriving from nature such as landscapes, animals and botanical gardens. Natural scenes have long been a popular subject across various mediums of art including painting, drawing and photography and remain so today. Advancements in digital technology mean that their depictions are able to evolve to more modern and abstract forms, while more traditional interpretations remain popular in the art world today. Whatever your preference, we are sure you will find the piece for you in our catalogue at Rise.…

Whether you’re a seasoned nature art collector looking to expand your collection or simply enthusiastic about nature and art, we are here to help you buy art online. We have a vast catalogue of nature art and are here to guide you through the process of purchasing art online.

Not sure where to begin? We suggest you start with the following artists:

Max Naylor paints in watercolours and creates dreamlike landscape paintings. His works are colourful and filled with semi-surreal imagery, inspired by his memory and imagination.

Renata Fernandez exemplifies the ways in which charcoal can be manipulated in order to create hyperrealistic images and the artist has an incredible series of charcoal drawings depicting various tropical plants worth exploring.

British photographer Eleanor Cunningham is a photographer whose landscape shots are not to be missed. The aim of Cunnigham’s work is to depict the decay of monumental spaces and historical sites, and she does this by manipulating various materials and processes involved in the darkroom. The result is striking.

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