Marie-Hélène Carcanague


Make spots, rebels, inevitably, improvise on wet painting, wading, getting bogged down, slipping in turns, trying the useless, freeing the left hand, escaping the vigilance of adults, looking for the invisible, without having them The air, dreaming of impossible colors, painting the passing time, deceiving appearances, traveling without a ticket, alone, do without words, lose consciousness, descend before full stop, look for what I am looking for. These pretexts are all more important than the other for Marie-Hélène Carcanague. For a long time the camera was its favorite tool. He allowed her to discover, observe, approach. Beyond the "reality" that the eyes perceive, she liked to play with the subjective, to build an image, with an emotion, a composition, lines, gray areas, light. But over time, the photographic print seemed cold, too clear, of an overly smooth surface. The painting (and the gestures it imposes) brought it to a less "perfect", more personal writing. Inspired by traces and marks of time on the rocks, bark of trees, rust, old decrepit and repeatedly repainted walls, where Mappemondes or silhouettes sometimes appear, Marie-Hélène Carcanague represents human beings, simple elements of animal kingdom, animals that have things to say: "I paint the disorders of the world, or to console me a universe of dreams and fantasy ..." As Pierre Desproges said: "One day I will live in theory, because in theory everything goes well".

Selected Works

Transport amoureux by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Transport amoureux

Paintings - 100x70 cm
Home sweet home by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Home sweet home

Paintings - 70x100 cm
Un songe 1 by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Un songe 1

Paintings - 100x70 cm
Défense de stationner by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Défense de stationner

Paintings - 100x80 cm
Regards by Marie-Hélène Carcanague


Paintings - 100x80 cm
Chambre avec vue by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Chambre avec vue

Paintings - 100x70 cm
Le château by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Le château

Paintings - 100x80 cm
Histoires by Marie-Hélène Carcanague


Paintings - 31x31 cm
L'inconnu by Marie-Hélène Carcanague


Paintings - 100x70 cm
Le chat by Marie-Hélène Carcanague

Le chat

Paintings - 100x80 cm

Couleurs de nature

Paintings - 100x70 cm

Loup y es-tu ?

Paintings - 30x30 cm

L'année du lapin 1

Paintings - 27x35 cm


Paintings - 30x30 cm


Paintings - 20x20 cm


Paintings - 23x23 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 100x80 cm

L'oiseau qui n'a qu'une aile

Paintings - 100x70 cm

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