Acrylic Paintings For Sale

Discover acrylic paintings for sale in our stunning collection from contemporary artists around the world. We sell unique, original acrylic art from established and emerging painters, with a range that evolves alongside the artists. Start your search with our popular abstract, impressionistic or expressionistic acrylic paintings for sale.

Contemporary Acrylic Painters

Philip Tyler is a British artist who focuses upon the materiality of paint and its potential to create illusionary spaces on the canvas – this is easy to see from the thick, sweeping, textured brush strokes which feature in his paintings. The artist explores themes of loss in his work which often features landscapes and nude bodies as its subject. Examples of these include landscape painting Late Dreams and nude Johanna at Jakes and the result is hauntingly beautiful, yet deeply melancholic.

Another of our artists whose acrylic paintings should not be missed is Bea Garding Schubert whose fascinating pieces seem to reveal more and more about themselves the longer you look at them. Her works such as Spread Joy No.1 and Keep the faith No.3 inspire hope and happiness and her distinctive colour palette adds a refreshing burst of pastel-toned joy to any room.

History of Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic painting is a relatively recent phenomenon compared to the use of oil and watercolour paints, having only been first commercially promoted in 1955. Many artists are attracted to it due to its dominant bright colours and the sharp brushstrokes and lines that it can achieve, as well as its capacity to be used on a variety of surfaces and mixed with a multitude of other media. Furthermore, it is exceptionally versatile and resilient compared to other forms: it dries rapidly and is capable of giving both the transparent brilliance of watercolour and the density of oil paint as well as being less affected by heat and other destructive forces than oil paint is. Additionally, it has proven popular among artists who were concerned about the health risks posed by handling and inhaling the fumes of oil paints. It is clear to see why this relatively modern invention has proven so popular and is still used by artists the world over today.

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      Orange Veils over Light

      Paintings - 127x117cmRent for £ 226/mo

      Natation IX

      Paintings - 56x76cmRent for £ 53/mo


      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for £ 60/mo

      Green Cantilever

      Paintings - 73x63cmRent for £ 192/mo

      Rose Washed Sands

      Paintings - 40x40cmRent for £ 54/mo

      Falling on Beijing

      Paintings - 180x220cmRent for £ 1,250/mo

      Untitled Bench Painting (CV19)

      Paintings - 30x40cmRent for £ 106/mo

      Earth Energy

      Paintings - 229x168cm


      Paintings - 50x40cmRent for £ 53/mo

      Glorious Rising II

      Paintings - 229x61cm


      Paintings - 73x63cmRent for £ 192/mo

      Intensity of Soul

      Paintings - 127x102cm

      Tropic Nature

      Paintings - 122x183cmRent for £ 660/mo

      Untitled Playground Painting (Hirst)

      Paintings - 50x70cmRent for £ 140/mo

      Maquette #6

      Paintings - 50x40cmRent for £ 138/mo

      Soft tease #3

      Paintings - 84x59cmRent for £ 74/mo


      Paintings - 122x153cmRent for £ 670/mo

      Moments On The Beach 4

      Paintings - 20x20cmRent for £ 24/mo

      Dualities 3

      Paintings - 100x65cmRent for £ 122/mo

      Breathing Space

      Paintings - 70x50cmRent for £ 239/mo

      Rose Washed Sands 2

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for £ 53/mo

      The Years

      Paintings - 40x30cmRent for £ 143/mo

      The Thoughtful Minnow

      Paintings - 60x60cmRent for £ 63/mo

      The Unkept Promise (The Family)

      Paintings - 38x46cmRent for £ 55/mo

      Composition in Red

      Paintings - 80x80cmRent for £ 62/mo

      Jason Smith's Nocturnal Opera - The Stairway

      Paintings - 183x183cmRent for £ 492/mo