Originally born in Ireland, Laura Cramer lives and works in the UK as a contemporary landscape painter. Drawn to the abstract, her work offers a bridge between reality and abstraction, fused with a strong sense of design and love of colour. Working in layers, she begins a painting with childlike spontaneity, allowing bright colours to dominate.

A profile of trees on a distant hill, the silhouette of seed heads in a hedgerow or garden. The pattern made by a clump of grasses in autumn, or the fast-flowing ripples on an estuary tide.

“I grew up by an unspoilt beach in Southern Ireland and it was there where I became a day dreamer. Scratching back into wet paint feels like being back on my childhood beach, with stick in hand exploring what lies beneath the surface of the sand, hopeful of revealing a little bit of magic”. Laura has worked with large public art projects in Bristol, and recently with a design agency in Hong Kong producing a series of paintings for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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