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Discover our ever-evolving selection of ink drawings for sale. Each piece in our online gallery showcases art from ink artists working today, with artwork ranging from nude figurative studies, to architecture, to botanical drawings. Explore our selection to find the perfect ink drawing to purchase for your home today. If you’re not sure where to begin, browse our [abstract],(/art/drawings/ink/abstract) illustrative or Surrealist ink drawings.

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If it’s a figurative ink drawing you’re after, then take a look at Richard Storey’s work. Storey captures movement through his striking and layered use of line, whilst creating tone by applying watered-down ink over sharp lines. The occasional dripping ink contributes to the motion of Storey’s figures, as well as adding to the mood and narrative of each piece.

Raj Kaur captures energy and expression through her nude drawings. Kaur’s minimal and gestural approach instils a dynamism in each of her studies. Apollo reveals a fleeting interaction between figures, and the sparse use of ink in this drawing exemplifies Kaur’s poetic style.

Tannaz Oroumchi’s geometric approach results in vast birds-eye-view perspectives of different cities and clusters of buildings. Oroumchi’s rigorous detail and monochrome palettes form drawings that echo old-fashioned maps, as well as resembling scientific diagrams. The use of ink makes, paired with Oroumchi’s unique architectural language makes for a captivating series of drawings.

Mark Buckley uses ink to create abstract drawings that seep their way across each piece. Buckley exploits the soft and somewhat ethereal quality of ink as he fades each shape into the background. With The Negative, Buckley reveals the unique quality of ink, and its ability to allude at depth simply through the way it dries. Buckley’s uses ink to create compelling drawings that each take on a life of their own.

Ink drawings are works of art that typically consist of a strong use of line and a limited palette to create intricate small-scale pieces. Ink can be applied with a pen, quill or brush and is used for drawing, printing and writing. The use of ink dates back to Ancient practice in Egypt, China and Rome. In Ancient China, minerals, plants and animals were used to create ink, and it was soon discovered that the best drawing ink was from the resin of a pine tree. Ink still remains one of the most effective mediums for attaining immense detail, and has been adopted throughout history by artists such as Leonardo de Vinci and Katsushika Hokusai. With Vitruvian Man, de Vinci demonstrates the sheer level of detail that can be achieved with ink, whilst The Great Wave Off Kanagawa displays the sharp quality of line produced when working with water-based inks. Ink is an incredibly versatile medium, capable of generating sharp lines and deep shade to instil a sense of depth and movement in artwork.

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