Passionate about the Sumi-E technique, Péchane alias Philippe Imbert presents a gallery of works in black and white fully representative of Zen culture. Unknown in the West, this Japanese technique consists in painting a motif in a few lines to let the mind imagine the rest. Between art and communication and communication of Nevers, Péchane followed a year of upgrade to access art studies. Subsequently, he passed the Contest of Fine Arts in Dijon, which he obtained, before continuing his course in communication. Diplômed in audiovisual and graphic arts in 1996, Péchane must at the same time meet his military obligations the same year . “My idea was not to officer under the flags but in the civilian, as an objector of conscience, for 2 years, then to go to an advertising agency in Paris.” Return to the basics and unexpected discovery of more than 20 years Now, Péchane makes films and photographs in a cultural and social place as an objector of conscience. But he has never forgotten painting, his first love. In 2002, he across a report dedicated to Japan and the ancestral technique of the Sumi-e. That day, his life changed and he devoted himself to this Japanese technique dating from the 8th century. The latter is to paint with Chinese ink on paper. A beautiful tribute to Zen culture.

Selected Works

sangoku sayan by Péchane

sangoku sayan

Drawings - 42x30 cm
samourai sous la pluie by Péchane

samourai sous la pluie

Drawings - 30x42 cm
nude woman behind umbrella by Péchane

nude woman behind umbrella

Drawings - 42x30 cm
gonzo et rizzo by Péchane

gonzo et rizzo

Drawings - 30x42 cm
han solo by Péchane

han solo

Drawings - 42x30 cm
koi square by Péchane

koi square

Drawings - 42x30 cm
geisha begind umbrella by Péchane

geisha begind umbrella

Drawings - 42x30 cm
nestor burma by Péchane

nestor burma

Drawings - 42x30 cm
nude geisha behind umbrella and fuji by Péchane
nue et pensive by Péchane

nue et pensive

Drawings - 42x30 cm

robert smith

Drawings - 42x30 cm

samourai à la porte

Drawings - 42x30 cm

samourai sur le pont

Drawings - 42x30 cm

samourai qui lt

Drawings - 42x30 cm

jean gabin

Drawings - 42x30 cm

buster keaton

Drawings - 42x30 cm

james hetfield

Drawings - 42x30 cm


Drawings - 42x30 cm

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