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Curated by Sophie Heatley

Hundreds of incredible works of art are uploaded to Rise Art every month, from print-making to photography and sculpture. The Best in Drawings collection gathers together some of our curator's particular favourite works from leading contemporary draftspeople.

Our Selection on Drawings on Offer

Drawings are often referred to as ‘works on paper’, and are the perfect solution for collectors starting out. Ranging from small to large, and from abstract to figurative, our range of drawings for sale feature works from some of the most exciting emerging artists active across the world.

Standout Draftspeople

Nelson Makamo is a leading contemporary draftsperson and a world-famous artist. His large scale charcoal portraits capture young children living in rural South Africa. Nelson often infuses his drawings with acryllic and watercolour paints, giving them hints of colour, whilst also building on the narrative of his subjects.

The collection also features realistic drawings that resemble black and white photographs. From Alison Chaplin’s soft and atmospheric landscapes, to [Bella Carlos’(/artist/118555/bella-carlos/art) complex compositions, the works on show in Best in Drawings demonstrate the range of styles and subjects available on the platform.

Learn more in our guide to contemporary drawings.

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