Day Bowman is an abstract and figurative painter whose works are full of movement, colour and wonder.
Day Bowman experiments with charcoal, oil and pencil on canvas, playing with ink spills, ribbons of colour and explosive mark-making.
Day’s highly praised paintings are often inspired by the landscape of her childhood coastal home.

Day Bowman’s paintings recreate the coastal landscape of her childhood home; capturing the tide, the peppery grey sand and the sunlight as it beams down and laps up the sea. With a style which treads the tangential boundary between abstraction and figuration, Day creates complex and inquisitive works full of movement, colour and wonder.

Day Bowman’s Early Career and Practice

A graduate of the Chelsea School of Art, London, Day's style is characterised by chaotic mark-making, explosive colour, ribbon-like lines and ink spills. Gestural brushstrokes, wildly atmospheric palettes and curious, earthy textures abound in works such as her Rainy Day and Road Trip, multimedia blends of oil, charcoal and Conte on canvas. Some of her work harbours subtly political undertones, pertaining to a wave of environmental decay, industrial waste and intolerance.

Awards and Collections

Day has enjoyed consistent praise throughout her career. She has been selected for The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition (2015 & 2016) and long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize (2013 & 2014). The artist has had several showcases in the UK, most recently at Studio 1.1 Gallery, London (2017), Anything Goes? Art Bermondsey Project Space (2017), and the Columbia Threadneedle Prize, London (2016). She is currently in the process of curating Edgelands, a multimedia exhibition analysing and honouring the many forgotten corners of our urban landscape.

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