Halima Cassell

New & Noteworthy Artist
Halima Cassell is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.
Halima’s sculptures have been featured in publications such as House & Garden.
Each of Halima’s ceramic sculptures take between 100 and 250 hours to complete.

Pakistani-born Halima Cassell works primarily in bronze and clay to create large-scale geometric sculptures. Halima’s work is unique in its in-depth attention to surface pattern and texture. Inspired by her own cultural heritage, Halima also takes influence from African patterns to form complex architectural sculptures. Anywhere between 100 and 250 hours goes into each sculpture, making for pieces of art that are intricate in design and captivating in appearance.

Halima Cassell’s Early Life and Career

Halima was born in Kashmir in 1975, and although she moved to the UK at an early age, she has always felt a strong attachment to Pakistan. After completing her BA and MA in 3D design at the University of Central Lancashire in 1997, Halima embarked on her career as a fine art sculptor. Following the success of her debut solo show, Carved Earth, Halima's abstract sculptures became highly sought after, and were bought by the V&A, along with 16 other prominent museums around the world.

Halima’s Influence

Halima has been recognised as one of the leading figures in contemporary British studio pottery. The recent exhibition, Things of Beauty Growing: British Studio Pottery showcased some of the most influential British potters in recent times. Touring around the UK and US, the show re-invented and reinvigorated traditional pottery. Halima included her ongoing installation, Virtues of Unity in the exhibition, which explores commonalities throughout the world through an ever-evolving series of ceramic bowls.

Halima Cassell Artworks

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    Staccato by Halima Cassell


    Sculpture - 15x31 cm
    Rubicon by Halima Cassell


    Sculpture - 58x15 cm
    Interlocking V's   by Halima Cassell

    Interlocking V's

    Sculpture - 15x31 cm
    Crystalline Tower by Halima Cassell

    Crystalline Tower

    Sculpture - 102x41 cm
    Concentric Circle by Halima Cassell

    Concentric Circle

    Sculpture - 15x15 cm
    Citadel by Halima Cassell


    Sculpture - 31x31 cm
    Acapella by Halima Cassell


    Sculpture - 41x31 cm
    Garlands by Halima Cassell


    Sculpture - 15x31 cm
    Flusso (Riding Tide) by Halima Cassell

    Flusso (Riding Tide)

    Sculpture - 15x31 cm

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