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        Installtion Artists

        Discover art for sale from some of the most celebrated installation artists working today. Our online gallery showcases a range of installation art from emerging and established artists working around the world.

        Why not begin your search with a browse through our ever-popular typography installations. Tracey Emin famously brought typography lighting to the forefront of installation art with her poetic and at times cryptic hand-writing transformed through neon light. Rebecca Mason explores the darker side to human emotion with her striking installations. Commenting on love, culture and society, Rebecca’s art has a humorous tone, in which she often incorporates the backdrops of her art to add a new depth to her art.

        Michael Wallner is another artist working in neon L.E.D lights to create eye-catching installation art. Michael’s minimal approach is powerful in its simplicity. Michael plays on the viewer’s sense of recognition, and creates installations of the familiar places with a single line. A shape that would ordinarily seem abstract is taken out of context and given new life through scale and simplicity.

        Anna Green’s installations focus on denying the boundaries of two-dimensional art and invade the surrounding gallery space. Intimate moments seep into the realm of the real, prompting the viewer to question the distinction between the public and private space.

        About Installation Artists

        Installation artists came into being in the 1950’s. Led by American artist Allan Kaprow, 1957 saw the beginnings of installation art as a whole new artistic medium. With an interest in the theoretical and the conception of space, Kaprow’s art drew focus to the role of the viewer and the impermanence of the art object.

        Yayoi Kussama is one of the most celebrated installation artists working today. Right at the forefront of contemporary installation art, Kusama immerses the viewer in her worlds, and transforms the gallery space into a mirrored illusion of infinity. Together with Olfaur Eliasson, Kusama’s installation art is centred around creating abstract and imagined atmospheres. Both artists have recently had solo exhibitions at Tate Modern, and transformed the walls of the gallery into captivating and interactive experiences. Whilst Eliasson’s art brings about issues of climate change, Kusama’s creations are produced as a reflection of her imagination, with both artists showing how installations can address both internal and external states.

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          United Kingdom
          B. 1978

          Emma Corrall

          United States
          B. 1987

          Lisa Kellner

          United States
          B. 1965

          Michael Wallner

          United Kingdom
          B. 1966

          Markus Krug

          B. 1965