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        Baldvin Ringsted

        Baldvin Ringsted’s art is heavily inspired by music, speech and performance.
        Baldvin has recently shown his work at Martos Gallery in New York and CCA in Glasgow.
        Baldvin’s studio is in an old refurbished whiskey warehouse.

        Icelandic artist Baldvin Ringsted creates paintings, collages, installations and sculptures inspired by the interaction between the senses. Baldvin transforms music into visual art and gives sound permanence as an object. Interested in the memory and association sound can carry, Baldvin looks at the evocative nature of art. His mixed media paintings often contrast patterned motifs with traditional landscape imagery, whilst the surrealist nature of his sculptures create entirely unique viewing experiences.

        Baldvin Ringsted’s Early Life and Inspiration

        Born in 1974, Baldvin grew up in rural Iceland and from an early age, music played a crucial role in his life. East coast American trash metal and Tampa Bay death metal forged his creative identity, and inspired him to form his own punk band. The evolution of Baldvin’s surrealist sculptures and paintings has forever been shaped by his love of music as well as the developments of popular culture. Baldvin often works with found material, and famously transposed Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” into a cello solo performance.


        Over the course of the last 15 years, Baldvin has shown his work in group and solo shows throughout the world, from Berlin to New York. Baldvin recently held a solo show, Rhythm Distortions in SWG3 gallery in Glasgow. The exhibition showcased a collection of found and reworked oil paintings inspired by sounds, music and performance and created a multisensory viewing experience.

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