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      Laura Benetton

      Laura Benetton's abstracts are explosive and visually arresting.
      Laura has exhibited her work at Affordable Art Fairs in London and New York City.
      These are sophisticated abstract pieces that would add an edgy glam to any space.

      Laura Benetton is an Italian artist based in London who paints explosive abstract works. Her colourful compositions are visually arresting and strikingly unique. There is a kind of ‘shattered’ look to many of her paintings, as if shards of colour float above the surface of the canvas. We love the way Laura balances black and colour to create these sophisticated marvels.

      The artist trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Art in Venice. She also studied sculpture at the TAM Centre (metal handling) under the influential sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.

      Laura has worked in Venice, Istanbul, Florence and London. She has exhibited her work at Affordable Art Fairs in New York and London. In 2016, the artist was involved in a group show at the Houses of Parliament called ‘Tomorrow’s Child’.

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