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      Street Art Installations For Sale

      Discover street art installations for sale online today. Shop street art installations today and find the right piece to brighten up your home, business or local community. Not sure where to start? Street artist Naomi Edmondson paints affirmations and slogans as murals that brighten up bare walls in locations across Britain. Get in touch with our Curation team for more information about her installations. Naomi also has a selection of street art paintings available, such as Sometimes I Feel.

      Whereas this was once a clandestine art form, as artists would tip their installations into place anonymously at night, it is now a medium experiencing high demand from collectors as well as from local governments, who use street art installation as a way to brighten up urban environments.

      Street art installations exist all over the world, drawing tourists and Instagram-addicts, while adding interest to the lives of locals who walk past these works every day. Famous examples include, the murals in Berlin to Tracey Emin’s Baby Things scattered across Folkestone, alluding to the English town’s high pregnancy rate.

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        Love Them? Tell Them.

        Installation - 200x1700 cm

        Be Genuine Be Yourself

        Installation - 235x420 cm

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        Installation - 200x360 cm

        Oxo Tower (concrete)

        Installation - 95x65 cm

        Face The Sun

        Installation - 300x300 cm

        Talk To Someone

        Installation - 500x700 cm