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Naomi Edmondson is a painter and street artist. Her work focuses on humanizing urban spaces through language, colour and scale. Her paintings promote hope, optimism and relief from issues such as depression, anxiety and urban isolation.

As 'Survival Techniques' she paints typographic murals across the streets of London that aim to bring a little light to someone having a dark day.

Her work is influenced by her own experience of depression and the power of talking openly and honestly about it. As an ultimately democratic space, the street was chosen as the primary canvas for the paintings, aiming to reach and connect together as many people as possible.

She won Street Artist of the Year at the Rise Art Prize. She has collaborated with Global Street Art to help transform a housing estate in North London and has had solo exhibitions in London and Tokyo. She works on commissions for both public and private sector with projects currently ranging across Europe, North America and Asia.

Selected Works

Face The Sun by Naomi Edmondson

Face The Sun

Installation - 300x300 cm
Be Genuine Be Yourself by Naomi Edmondson

Be Genuine Be Yourself

Installation - 235x420 cm
Hide Less Chat More by Naomi Edmondson

Hide Less Chat More

Installation - 200x360 cm
Love Them? Tell Them. by Naomi Edmondson

Love Them? Tell Them.

Installation - 200x1700 cm
Talk To Someone by Naomi Edmondson

Talk To Someone

Installation - 500x700 cm
It Can't Rain Forever by Naomi Edmondson

It Can't Rain Forever

Paintings - 21x82 cm
Now Is The Time by Naomi Edmondson

Now Is The Time

Paintings - 50x70 cm
Sometimes I Feel by Naomi Edmondson

Sometimes I Feel

Paintings - 70x100 cm
Love Is Love by Naomi Edmondson

Love Is Love

Paintings - 42x30 cm
I Am The Size Of What I See by Naomi Edmondson

I Am The Size Of What I See

Paintings - 30x42 cm

Be Here Now

Prints - 70x50 cm

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