Abstract Expressionism Paintings For Sale

Discover Abstract Expressionism paintings for sale. Our diverse collection of Abstract Expressionist artwork exhibits paintings from a vast array of contemporary artists active today. From luminous blockwork to ethereal juxtapositions of darkness and light, our collection of art characterises the vivacious charisma and relentless energy of the seminal 20th century art movement. Shop today and explore our still life, portrait and botanical Abstract Expressionism paintings.…

Not sure where to start? Take a look at Paresh Nrshinga and Andrew Cane. Their absorbing paintings that hark back to the meditative atmosphere of Rothko’s art, whilst the combination of movement and spontaneous mark making in Naoko Paluszak’s oil painting, Urban Lime Yellow draws inspiration from Pollock and de Kooning’s styles.

Abstract Expressionism is a style characterised by a bold palette, gestural brushwork and visceral expression. Developed by American painters working in New York in the mid-twentieth century, Abstract Expressionism sought to create art that was both abstract and emotive. From the spontaneous and sporadic work of ‘action painters’, led by the likes of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, to the considered composition paintings of Clyfford Still and Mark Rothko, Abstract Expressionist paintings were typically large-scale to react against traditional and refined artistic practice.

Abstract Expressionism came about post World War II, with its impact pushing New York forward to become the centre of the contemporary art world by the 1950’s. Abstract Expressionism is often aligned with the flourishing of jazz music in New York, due to their shared improvisational approach, as well as the lyrical and evocative effect of both arts.

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