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Jessica Matier

Jessica Matier fills her canvases with the instant and unpredictable inner workings of her mind.
Through her art, Jessica intends to create opportunities for self-growth and illustrate the collective progression of humankind.
Jessica has already exhibited extensively across the USA and is most definitely one to watch.

Born in South Korea in 1985, Jessica Matier is an upcoming contemporary artist based in New Jersey. Jessica's abstract and mixed-media paintings reflect the inner workings of her mind. Her energetic compositions are at once autobiographical and mythical. This, according to the artist, allows for a transcendence from the everyday to ideal states of being.

Jessica Matier’s Education & Ideas

Jessica attended Parsons School of Design. In 2016, she departed from watercolour and collage practices, both clear influences in her current works, to pursue abstract painting. Her signature, illustrative style blends together alchemical and mythical symbols with highly expressive and gestural marks. The artist paints vigorously and without interruption to materialise her internal landscape. This exciting stream of consciousness onto canvas makes for utterly unique works, full of unpredictable tangents as well as moments of peace and harmony.


In 2019, Rutgers University acquired the painting, Natural Things, on display at the Camden Center of the Arts. Since, the artist has gone from strength to strength. Jessica’s abstract expressionist works have been in group exhibitions in New York City, New Jersey, Chicago and FSU Museum of the Arts, and The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn.

Selected Works

The Love That Waits By The Sea

Paintings - 97x112 cm

The Card Before The Empress

Paintings - 36x46 cm

The Gathering

Paintings - 69x79 cm

The Moon

Paintings - 122x91 cm

The Star

Paintings - 122x91 cm

The Curious Nature of Trees

Paintings - 81x107 cm

Summer: A Communion of Forces

Paintings - 107x183 cm

Spring: Wild Tricks

Paintings - 107x183 cm

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