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      Matthew Dibble worked as a roofer for 30 years before becoming an artist.
      Matthew’s art is inspired by the styles of Cezanne and de Kooning.
      Matthew’s most recent solo exhibition was held at First Street Gallery in New York.

      American artist Matthew Dibble creates abstract and distorted figurative paintings and collages that express the relationship between inner and outer states of being. Matthew’s Abstract Expressionist approach and gestural mark making echoes the styles of Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. On a quest for sincerity, Matthew is fascinated with the nuances of modern and postmodern sensibilities. The energy that exudes from Matthew’s canvases is dynamic, direct and fearless; he creates art that is as powerful through its visual impact as it is through its sense of depth.

      Matthew Dibble’s Education and Career

      After graduating from the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland in 1978, Matthew spent over 30 years in the construction business before pursuing his dream as an artist. Matthew’s experience has shaped his style of art and he approaches each stage of his as an expert tradesman. Matthew’s art is established throughout the US, with work shown in publications and ongoing group exhibitions, as well as a selection of solo shows across the country.


      Matthew’s style is unique in its extreme versatility. His signature gestural abstract paintings stand at odds with his figurative collages to form a portfolio of work that is captivating through its complexities. Matthew’s collection of monochrome paintings draw the viewer in through advancing and receding planes that construct the depth of each piece. Just as detailed and energetic as Matthew’s colourful works, these pieces engage with one another as they merge motifs, shapes and brushwork.

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