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Explore figurative art for sale online today. Our collection offers you the opportunity to buy or rent figurative art from some of the best artists practicing today, making it easy to start up an art collection or grow an existing one. Browse our selection to find exciting examples of Figurative Sculpture, Figurative Paintings, Figurative Drawings and much, much more.

Stella Kapezanou is a Greek artist working between London and Athens to create figurative paintings with a difference. Her work brings together bright and contrasting colours to depict scenes of everyday life. While these bold colours convey a sense of optimism, the people in her paintings add a layer of complexity with their uneasy and often manic expressions. Her piece Who Do I See? is the perfect example of this, where the subject’s expression teeters somewhere between joy and fear.

If you’re searching for figurative artwork that steers away from realism, take a look at the work of Yassine Mourit. This Moroccan artist’s pieces have the feel of a collage, blending together figures and animals with geometric shapes to create exciting images with a slightly haunting quality.

Ta Thimkaeo has received international acclaim for her figurative artworks. Her pieces take real life scenes and introduce surreal elements, using bright colours and bold shapes for impact. Thimkaeo’s work takes inspiration from the greats like Picasso, with interesting uses of perspective and contorted human forms that challenge the idea of what it means to be a figurative artist.

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A brief history of figurative art

Figurative art can be best understood in contrast with abstract art. Whereas abstract art refers to any work that uses form, colour, shape and lines to create images that are removed from reality, figurative art is that which is derived from real object sources.

Given the broad scope of the definition, it comes as no surprise that figurative pieces have been around as long as humans have been creating art. Rock carvings and paintings dating back to the Palaeolithic Period show wild beasts and human settlements, reflecting a desire to capture the real world that still exists in the vocabulary of modern artists. Since then, artists of every time period have produced figurative art of some form. From the classical sculptures of Ancient Rome and Greece right up to the blurred brushstrokes of the Impressionists, it all comes under the umbrella term of figurative art.

Some of the world’s most iconic and beautiful art can be considered figurative. Van Gogh’s self-portraits are one such example, where erratic brushstrokes and contrasting colours tell the story of a man attempting to assert his status as an artist while struggling with mental illness. As is the case with this work, the real intrigue of figurative art is often not what is depicted, but rather how.

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      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for $ 105/mo

      Woman with Reflection

      Paintings - 81x81cmRent for $ 195/mo


      Paintings - 33x33cmRent for $ 130/mo

      Bill Murray And My Friends

      Drawings - 150x230cmRent for $ 195/mo

      Getting There

      122x122cmRent for $ 560/mo

      Sunshine Portrait No. 02

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      MADE UP #2

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      Small Landscape

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      figure in a landscape

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      Facade, Pink and Green

      Paintings - 51x61cmRent for $ 105/mo

      Untitled 2020

      Drawings - 100x78cm

      Far Away

      Paintings - 147x103cm

      Lyndsey in Cheapside 3

      Paintings - 30x30cmRent for $ 70/mo


      Paintings - 121x91cmRent for $ 355/mo

      Drivers Education

      Paintings - 183x132cm

      And After Sunset

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      The Inevitable

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