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Stella Kapezanou is an artist bringing together bright and contrasting colours to depict scenes of everyday life. Yassine Mourit’s works have the feel of a collage, blending together figures and animals with geometric shapes to create exciting images with a slightly haunting quality. Discover more artists working in a figurative style here.

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    Indécise by Isabelle Lebret


    Paintings - 38x46 cm
    Respire by MagLM


    Drawings - 60x40 cm
    Orange Gesture No. 6 by Heidi Lanino

    Orange Gesture No. 6

    Paintings - 31x23 cm
    The elegant woman by Victoria Stagni

    The elegant woman

    Paintings - 76x61 cm
    Danseurs de tango by Kathlyn Sweeny

    Danseurs de tango

    Sculpture - 15x23 cm
    Indian Pink Dream by ZIESOOK YOU

    Indian Pink Dream

    Photography - 76x51 cm
    Femme au hammam by Kathlyn Sweeny

    Femme au hammam

    Sculpture - 12x8 cm
    Conte moderne by Victoria Stagni

    Conte moderne

    Paintings - 91x73 cm

    palms reflecting in the dusk

    Paintings - 59x42 cmRent for $120 /mo


    Sculpture - 105x90 cm

    Les amoureux du banc public

    Paintings - 40x40 cm


    Paintings - 60x150 cmRent for $295 /mo

    Femme puissante

    Paintings - 76x60 cm

    “10062022 offline II.”

    Paintings - 125x115 cm

    Banan Express

    Paintings - 122x153 cm

    Réménauville 1

    Paintings - 92x73 cm

    Le cul blanc

    Photography - 100x150 cm


    Paintings - 19x24 cm

    Nel miei occhi

    Paintings - 92x60 cm

    Alae folium

    Drawings - 72x52 cm

    It's Not Me, You're The Joke

    Paintings - 90x75 cmRent for $130 /mo

    Nu drapé 06

    Paintings - 57x57 cm

    Le colombien

    Sculpture - 27x10 cm


    Paintings - 76x61 cmRent for $140 /mo

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