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Gérard Lartigue


Gérard Lartigue is an artist who seeks the truth of which Auguste Rodin spoke, that which allows beauty to manifest himself: to represent the human body and face it is necessary to explore volumes under the skin, the tensions of the muscles, the structure of the bones . Three decades spent immortalizing the beauty of the bodies The works of Gérard Lartigue oscillate between the forces of Eros (eroticism) and Thanatos (death). The artist firmly believes in the capacity of forms, matter, to recreate life. He was first painter and has devoted himself to art for thirty years. It is no longer a simple representation, but rather a living work. Gérard Lartigue considers himself as a citizen of the world and witness of our time; He lives in the present moment, free from his past. He lived his childhood and adolescence in another continent, the American continent. Traveling on travel, hands as a universal language Later, Gérard Lartigue travels especially in Europe. Trilingual, he managed to be understood everywhere, especially thanks to his hands. He explores human nature, going beyond the filters of culture, nation, social position, profession, etc. He has become a very high level portrait painter. The drawing has always been the basis of his work. Gérard Lartigue works with different materials: stone, marble, clay, plaster, bronze ... He goes beyond the figurative presence to achieve this beyond that touches time, intangible, links between matter and the mind. In 2017, the writer Michel Houellebecq said: "Your bust of me is impressive. Earth matter is of great expressive power. »» "Works born of a look that goes deep in the human being. Inert matter arise from expressive and lively faces. »Ksenia Militiavic, painter and criticism To read: the interview with Gérard Lartigue on Kazoart's blog

Selected Works


Sculpture - 30x8 cm


Sculpture - 30x16 cm

Sleeping young lady

Sculpture - 12x47 cm

Rêve de soleil

Sculpture - 10x37 cm


Sculpture - 30x24 cm

Danse lunaire

Sculpture - 16x18 cm

La roue

Sculpture - 16x20 cm

La curieuse

Sculpture - 11x7 cm

Femme renaissance

Sculpture - 25x23 cm

A toi pour toujours

Sculpture - 33x33 cm


Sculpture - 30x24 cm

Sommeil antique

Sculpture - 37x43 cm

Le pont

Sculpture - 31x16 cm

L'amie fidèle

Sculpture - 33x23 cm


Sculpture - 26x7 cm


Sculpture - 20x26 cm


Sculpture - 49x16 cm

La muse rêveuse

Sculpture - 45x70 cm


Sculpture - 12x32 cm

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