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Nathan Chantob


Born in 1991, Nathan Chantob lives and works in the Paris region. Young painter, he is primarily interested in human and in particular what appears beyond language. His work revolves around this theme, most often through the portrait. Draw instinctively in a quest for authenticity Nathan Chantob's interest is towards quite frontal things in both his creation and in life. He likes to think that from his head to his brush, there is some immediacy. Before starting to paint, he worked a lot and especially with drawing. The drawing is an integral part of his life and he draws on all supports and with everything that falls under his hand. His painting is a mixture of instinct and work. There is always in him this obligation to do well, in a quest for authenticity and out of respect for the great masters. The human figure as a common thread Nathan Chantob painted, drawing inspiration from what happens to him; His past, his present, and even these people he sees daily, often in a hurry at the corner of a street, in the metro or the bars. They are similar and yet so unique at the same time. The human figure quasi-unemployed in his work accounts for a mankind, worried and often dark humanity. According to Nathan Chantob "the densest darkness is never far from the liveliest light". To read: The Success Story of Nathan Chantob on Kazoart's blog

Selected Works

Billy's last fight

Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 126x158 cm


Paintings - 146x81 cm

Cœur sacré

Paintings - 130x162 cm

En attendant demain

Paintings - 150x150 cm

Le restaurateur

Paintings - 116x81 cm

People and bread

Paintings - 130x162 cm


Paintings - 73x54 cm

Bonne nuit dimanche, encore

Paintings - 89x116 cm


Paintings - 120x120 cm

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