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Martine Lafont

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Emerging Artist

After studying at Fine Arts, then in the wall workshop of the Paris art school (ENSAAMA), Martine Lafont began her career with the creation of monumental frescoes for theater and architecture public. She then turned to scenography, exhibitions, events and visual communication. She devotes herself to her initial passion today: painting. "After a childhood spent in France, I lived a few years in Iran and then in Argentina bathed in new influences for me. I kept the fervent taste of the unknown and diversity, always present in my inspiration. I draw simple and raw emotions, always "off topic". The purpose of my paintings is to leave the lives of women and men outside the frame, preserve their intimacy, and never stage them. The absence of the subject is found in my series on beds. The elusive, we find him in my current research when I look out the window of a train carried away. Of course, the subject does not have time to take the break and the easel becomes useless: 320 km/hour, it is the space-time I need to grasp the hazards of these improbable arrangements that you will not see again. "

Martine Lafont Artworks

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    Paris-valence by Martine Lafont


    Paintings - 73x100 cm
    Triptyque série "duréelimitée" by Martine Lafont
    1ère classe by Martine Lafont

    1ère classe

    Paintings - 81x130 cm
    Retour de Marseille by Martine Lafont

    Retour de Marseille

    Paintings - 65x92 cm
    Bourges s’éloigne by Martine Lafont

    Bourges s’éloigne

    Paintings - 27x46 cm
    Vers nantes by Martine Lafont

    Vers nantes

    Paintings - 30x30 cm
    “dépêche toi” by Martine Lafont

    “dépêche toi”

    Paintings - 65x100 cm
    “déjà 10 heures !” by Martine Lafont

    “déjà 10 heures !”

    Paintings - 65x81 cm
    “je me sens en pleine forme ce matin” by Martine Lafont
    "thé ou café" by Martine Lafont

    "thé ou café"

    Paintings - 116x73 cm

    Il va faire beau aujourd’hui

    Paintings - 73x92 cm

    La nuit porte conseil

    Paintings - 33x46 cm

    Nuit trop courte

    Paintings - 54x73 cm

    Essayer de dormir

    Paintings - 54x73 cm


    Paintings - 81x130 cm

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