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Ybah is a French sculptor artist who delivers her artistic practice to the study of bodies, anatomical expressions, and the evolution of a body in the history of his life. The body at the center of his creation & nbsp; Ybah arrived In Paris at 6 in 1956. His vocation as an artist spoke in the middle of a family, thanks to the influence of a wooden sculptor grandfather. From 1976 to 1981, a young adult, she realized in fashion and creation of clothing. Ybah is passionate about the drawing which connects it to the body and to beings deeply. In 1991 she created dolls of rags which were a great success. The artist gave us her vision "[...] favor the fragility of aging bodies by revealing the surplus of flesh, the fullness of the breasts, the depth of the wrinkles or the tensions of the muscles, are all signs that testify to the story of a body that has crossed the storms of life. Undeniably the scars of time are part of our flesh and in our eyes. A lip commissure, a distant look, strong and expressive hands, everything interests me in bodies and faces. […] ”His thunderbolt for the 1994 sculpture, Ybah fell in love with the picturesque streets of Prague and produced his first painting. But it was in Rome, in front of the Piéta de Michel Ange, that his desire to sculpt is revealed. The master's sculpture will be his way, that of the expression of the feelings of life! From 1993 to 2008, Ybah acquires different techniques such as modeling, drawing, engraving, painting, direct size, & nbsp; lost and silicone molding. & nbsp; from 2009 to 2012, the sculptor joined the National School of Applied Arts Duperré in Paris. In 2013, she followed training at Lycée Languier to acquire foundry techniques. & Nbsp; the word of the artist on her melee with matter with matter "[...] this is how the earth, under my hands, made Being born forms out of the imagination or nourished by my captive look of the model. And there, the volumes, curves and against curves sprinkle instinctively, given by a flood of significant emotions. […] "

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    Icare by YBAH


    Sculpture - 36x55 cm
    Hymen by YBAH


    Sculpture - 15x48 cm
    Amandine monumentale by YBAH

    Amandine monumentale

    Sculpture - 180x74 cm
    Rêves croisés by YBAH

    Rêves croisés

    Sculpture - 33x42 cm
    Crépuscule intime by YBAH

    Crépuscule intime

    Sculpture - 40x45 cm
    Léda by YBAH


    Sculpture - 22x40 cm
    Jeune fille en fleur by YBAH

    Jeune fille en fleur

    Sculpture - 64x14 cm
    Orphée by YBAH


    Sculpture - 16x21 cm
    Colère à lugu by YBAH

    Colère à lugu

    Sculpture - 26x23 cm

    Enfant de tokyo

    Sculpture - 31x23 cm

    Lilly 9

    Sculpture - 50x26 cm


    Sculpture - 24x24 cm

    Le destin en marche

    Sculpture - 77x28 cm

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