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Explore figurative art for sale online today. Browse our curated collection to find exciting examples of Figurative Sculpture, Figurative Paintings, Figurative Drawings and much more.

Stella Kapezanou is an artist bringing together bright and contrasting colours to depict scenes of everyday life. Yassine Mourit’s works have the feel of a collage, blending together figures and animals with geometric shapes to create exciting images with a slightly haunting quality. Discover more artists working in a figurative style here.

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    Lift Off!

    Paintings - 110x110 cmRent for $ 340/mo

    Space Between I

    Paintings - 200x110 cmRent for $ 490/mo

    Sid in Bathtub

    Drawings - 101x206 cmRent for $ 265/mo

    The Devil in Me 2

    Paintings - 55x43 cm

    A Slice of London:Skateboarder London Southbank

    Paintings - 76x101 cmRent for $ 680/mo

    Dehiscence 8

    Paintings - 76x76 cmRent for $ 150/mo

    Long Island City, Snow

    Paintings - 38x28 cm

    Swamp Things

    Drawings - 100x140 cmRent for $ 165/mo

    Follow Me

    Paintings - 60x97 cmRent for $ 170/mo

    Fine Line Between Love And Hate

    Paintings - 90x75 cmRent for $ 115/mo

    Woman/Boat 1

    Drawings - 25x25 cmRent for $ 80/mo

    Silent Supernova

    Paintings - 160x130 cmRent for $ 280/mo

    Suburban Storm

    Paintings - 73x92 cmRent for $ 275/mo

    Character (layer) 2

    Drawings - 20x20 cmRent for $ 70/mo

    Chocolate Girl I

    Paintings - 42x32 cm

    Pencil 6

    Drawings - 20x20 cm


    Paintings - 90x80 cm

    Jack Is Waiting In The Box

    Paintings - 120x90 cmRent for $ 285/mo

    Ghost within me # 19

    Collage - 28x14 cmRent for $ 65/mo

    Living in the moment

    Paintings - 70x113 cmRent for $ 220/mo


    Paintings - 61x61 cmRent for $ 175/mo

    New Hadrian's Wall

    Paintings - 76x60 cmRent for $ 170/mo


    Paintings - 95x180 cmRent for $ 270/mo


    Drawings - 50x60 cm

    Nymph edition 3/14

    Prints - 76x56 cmRent for $ 105/mo

    Sense of Place II

    Paintings - 122x180 cmRent for $ 485/mo

    It's Not Me, You're The Joke

    Paintings - 90x75 cmRent for $ 130/mo

    Great Wall

    Paintings - 102x76 cmRent for $ 80/mo

    Pencil 3

    Drawings - 20x20 cm

    Sparkling Fantasizer

    Sculpture - 67x45 cmRent for $ 155/mo