Adam Collier Noel


Adam Collier Noel is an American photographer and collage artist who currently resides in South Florida. He graduated in 2002 with a BFA in photography from Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University.

Adam Collier Noel often draws his inspiration from his extensive archive of found photographs, which he selects based on their ability to demonstrate both intimate and universal elements of the human experience. Building on the history of the image, he repurposes imagery of the past in order to transcend time, especially in an age where the Internet has led to the constant creation of new imagery.

Adam Collier Noel’s paper-based collage work combines both technological and traditional process. He layers found images with blueprints, letters, receipts and book pages as a way of reflecting the importance of paper as a transcript of human history. He has also begun to experiment with abstraction, exploring colour theory but maintaining the grid-like composition that is found throughout his work.

Adam Collier Noel has exhibited his work widely across the USA including South Florida, California, Midwest, and East Coast. He has shown his work at several art fairs including Scope Art Miami, Art Palm Beach and Palm Springs Fine Art Fair. His work features in numerous private collections in the US, Europe, South America and Australia.

Selected Works

Fragment by Adam Collier Noel


Paintings - 122x76 cm
Living in The Light by Adam Collier Noel

Living in The Light

Paintings - 61x76 cm
Guidance (diptych) by Adam Collier Noel

Guidance (diptych)

Paintings - 101x203 cm
LOVE by Adam Collier Noel


Paintings - 92x92 cm
Heartstrings by Adam Collier Noel


Paintings - 122x122 cm
Amore by Adam Collier Noel


Paintings - 122x60 cm
Intention by Adam Collier Noel


Paintings - 92x92 cm
Fragment II by Adam Collier Noel

Fragment II

Paintings - 92x61 cm
Reflection by Adam Collier Noel


Paintings - 122x152 cm
Heart Chakra by Adam Collier Noel

Heart Chakra

Paintings - 122x122 cm

New View

Paintings - 102x76 cm

Light Alchemy

Paintings - 91x122 cm

Nautical Expression

Paintings - 76x102 cm

Heart Space II

Paintings - 122x122 cm

Milk & Honey

Paintings - 122x183 cm


Paintings - 120x179 cm


Paintings - 152x122 cm


Paintings - 97x158 cm

New Era

Paintings - 76x102 cm

Miles Away

Collage - 152x122 cm

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