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      Leila Fanner's paintings capture a spiritual outlook on her African environs.
      The artist has exhibited at various South African galleries and her work is held in private collections around the world.
      These are meditative pieces that would lend a sense of tranquil charm to a space.

      California-born Leila Fanner is a painter and illustrator known for her mysterious female figures shrouded in shadow and lush landscapes. Drawing inspiration from the rich flora and fauna enveloping her South African home, Leila envelops her work in shimmering fabrics, vibrant colours, and decorative symbolism.

      Leila Fanner's Early Career

      Born to a South African artist and an African American musician, Leila was raised in South Africa and currently works from her studio in the Cape. The artist attended the JHB National School of the Arts, Johannesburg. Here, she trained in graphic design and watercolour painting. At only 23 years of age, Leila had her first exhibition in 1993. Since then, her works have appeared in Vogue Gallery, SA Art Times and Harlem Fine Arts Magazine.

      Creative Practice

      Her current mediums include oil paint and pastel, which she intuitively layers on wood and canvas. With a touch of Gustave Klimt and Art Nouveau elegance, her stirring paintings are at once experiential and fantastical. Raised by a family of women, her works present a unique, feminine perspective. Nestled within figurative and non-figurative styles, Leila's prolific patterning and flowing motifs are free from artistic or academic convention.

      Exhibitions and Collections

      Leila Fanner's art can be found in public and private collections in South Africa and internationally in Germany, France, Kenya, England, Ireland and the USA. Leila exhibits her work regularly in annual regional group shows, most recently in New York at the Harlem Fine Arts Show.

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