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Rebecca Levitan


Brooklyn-based figurative painter Rebecca Levitan distils the contemporary visual world – chaotic, contextless, and often overwhelming – and passes it through a low-tech, idiosyncratic filter: her hand. In this way, she paints big feelings in small moments.

Rebecca Levitan’s Style and Practice

She studied Art and Linguistics at Harvard and Painting at Rhode Island School of Design. After college, she lived, worked, and studied Arabic in the Middle East on a year-long travel grant. Her paintings reference a spectrum of creative processes. Using the mundane as a jumping-off point, the artist creates whatever she paints. In other words, instead of drawing from existing models, she makes the objects and images she depicts. The resulting works employ multiple means of painting, drawing, and printmaking in a single piece. Together, these works form a body as disparate as the world that informs them, linked by an interest in everyday moments and the vernacular image.

Exhibitions and Residencies

She has presented her work at the The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Morgan Lehman Gallery, and Asya Geisberg Gallery, among others. Recent activities include a residency at Triangle Arts Association in Brooklyn and inclusion in the Northeast Issue of New American Paintings.

Selected Works

Drafting (II)

Paintings - 51x41 cm

Nice Closets

Paintings - 76x91 cm

Here Are Lions

Paintings - 119x119 cm

Sunset, Sunset Park

Paintings - 121x121 cm


Paintings - 91x121 cm


Paintings - 122x122 cm


Paintings - 41x31 cm

within reach

Paintings - 51x41 cm

loiterers (i)

Paintings - 122x122 cm

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