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Emmanuelle Mason


I mainly present my graphic work on Kazoart. Indeed, I never stop questioning the drawing, in a way where paper becomes a body, a territory, a "environment". Sometimes it is the paper itself that becomes drawing, while I cut it, burns it.

I present here different series:

  • The lace series (in progress)
  • The series of erotic drawings ("cut" and "burn") (in progress)
  • The series of disasters (Syria mainly)
  • The Dead Snetting Series As well as some out -of -series works.

In these series, there is always an ambiguity, a look that is both fascinated and insurgent focused on a world that I struggle to bear. I point to, from the end of my pen, sometimes the unspeakable, sometimes the micro-drama, sometimes the disease or the romantic state. My subjects are not always easy, sometimes terrible, but always treated with delicacy, the virtuosity of the bill coming to "trap" the gaze that usually turns away. I try to replay this question of the sublime: which is beautiful and scary at the same time. Even when my work is tender, there is a cut, a burn, which tries to take care of the more ambiguous tone of the subject.

Selected Works


Drawings - 80x110 cm

Komorebi #2

Drawings - 30x21 cm

La Manif. Brûlage brodé.

Collage - 40x40 cm

La grande oxydation

Paintings - 50x50 cm


Paintings - 22x22 cm

L'oiseau (oxydation)

Paintings - 25x20 cm


Paintings - 22x22 cm

La Grande oxydation #2

Paintings - 50x50 cm

La grande oxydation #2

Paintings - 50x50 cm


Collage - 50x50 cm

L'arbre (oxydation)

Paintings - 15x20 cm

La souche (oxydation)

Paintings - 25x25 cm

La souche (oxydation)

Paintings - 25x25 cm

Syria #6

Prints - 110x80 cm

Syria #5

Prints - 110x80 cm

Syria #3

Prints - 80x110 cm


Prints - 110x80 cm

Syria #1

Prints - 110x80 cm

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