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Boris Garanger


Aged 35 years old and born in France, Boris Guarantor, after his scientific baccalaureate, decides to spend a year in England in Bournemouth. As we know, travel forms youth. Reading with a large number of young people from all walks of life, he returns with intercultural sensitivity. Binge, he presents himself at the School of Beaux Arts in Lorient. He spends a year there and discovers different techniques. Anxious to continue his training in the fields of visual art, he presents himself to the Fine Arts in Rennes and entered the 2nd year option Art. This is where he is particularly interested in contemporary art. Then he appeared in the 4th year at the Ecole de la Cambre de Brussels as an optional sculpture. After 1 year, he chooses to leave. Being thirst for adventures and with a certain appetite for risk -taking, he then spent a year traveling (Madagascar, Mauritius ...) and feeds pictorially from these different landscapes ... He follows a formation of metal and art ironwork. His food jobs in the building trades give him real assembly and construction expertise and are not unrelated to his artistic research ... Then it's Switzerland, Canada and the United States ... High up new landscapes, meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, meetings, Of knowledge and superb, Boris Grantger seeks in his various trips to soak up in order to best feed his creation. The clothing is a vector of the individual in society. How does a garment speak & nbsp;? What does he say about the appearance that we want to give & nbsp;? An appearance that society imposes on us, but that we choose to face it. Like the characters of "& nbsp; François Bart & nbsp;" Who tell us about a profession, an environment, a social or meteorological climate. Sometimes fast and expressive brushstrokes suggest that people are defined by their movements and actions rather than their physical place in the world. Each individual has an expressiveness specific to oneself which makes their uniqueness, an expressiveness conveyed by the body. The movement defines the individual in space. The subject is a presence by the body, it is an action by its movement, it is appeared by its garment, its style. A hidden or suggested face makes it possible to express by the body a personal attitude even through a universal gesture.

Selected Works

woman portrait

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Buffalo bill

Paintings - 130x98 cm

Olga ma vache

Paintings - 130x98 cm


Paintings - 90x130 cm


Paintings - 98x130 cm


Paintings - 73x100 cm

Line up 4

Paintings - 50x150 cm

Line up 3

Paintings - 50x150 cm

Line up 1

Paintings - 47x122 cm

Stand out

Paintings - 70x100 cm

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