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      Andrew Crane uses letters, numbers and shapes keep the eye - and mind - of the viewer engaged.
      Andrew has exhibited widely throughout the UK and US.
      Andrew's art demonstrates his bold experimentation with materials.

      British artist Andrew Crane first developed his mark making practice with a career in graphics and typography. These foundations have served as a catalyst for the self-taught artist, informing his unique method; incorporating letters and numbers as distinct clues to be discerned. Often there is a mystical or spiritual element to his work. Crane invariably employs materials gathered from the hardware store rather than the art shop — the muted tones of cement or plaster combine with soft washes of varnish creating powerful and highly original abstract expressionist works.

      Crane studied graphics at the Central School of Art and has since exhibited both internationally and throughout the UK. He is also a member of the Contemporary British Painting group.

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