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Andrew Crane

Andrew Crane was working on an oil painting when he stumbled across a bag of cement. It was one of those accidental discoveries that changes your whole direction. He was working in a borrowed warehouse at the time. Under pressure to complete work, he spotted a bag of tile cement on the floor, mixed it up with some PVA, and slapped it on the canvas. The resulting surface took oil paint extremely well. Crane became excited by the surface imperfections. Since then, he's become an explorer of unconventional materials, experimenting with everything from brown paper tape to black varnish.

Crane's original background is in graphics and digital illustration. He still uses letters and numbers in his paintings, treating them as 'characters' in the paintings, or clues to the motivation behind a work. His abstracts also hint at landscapes and the horizon. But unusual raw materials are always Crane's starting point. They lead him to create powerful abstract expressionist works in restful, muted tones.

Crane lives and works in Northumberland. His work has been exhibited across the UK in solo and group shows.

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