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        Kate Mayer


        Kate Mayer is an emerging British contemporary artist who sells her work internationally. Her work explores human connection, the expansiveness of the universe and the infinite possibilities that life offers us.

        Kate spent most of her career as a multi-disciplinary designer, having designed a range of things from fashion textiles to corporate branding. Her move towards creating art came following huge life changes, a commitment to create personal change, and a newly discovered spiritual connection. Kate has since transformed her fear into faith; faith in her intuition and her ability to tune into her power within. It hasn’t always been easy but then anything worth doing rarely is!

        Her signature circular works symbolise the power we have within, strength, community and ultimately love. Having the belief that thoughts create things, the artist also uses mantras which she seals in wax as a way of marking their importance.

        Aside from her personal work, Kate also offers her collectors a unique experience to connect to themselves on a deeper level through a ‘co-creation’ commission. Kate uses her experience as a trained coach to help her clients go deeper into an energy they want to feel more of, which she then translates into completely unique artworks, allowing her clients to easily reconnect to that energy every day.

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