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        Matt Jukes

        Matt Jukes had a career in graphic design and advertising before becoming an artist.
        Matt’s favourite pieces are his quieter, darker ones.
        Rothko’s paintings have had a huge influence on Matt’s style.

        Australian-born artist Matt Jukes creates abstract monoprints of forgotten landscapes and misremembered places. Entwined with the idea of memory, Matt’s artworks expose the layering of his process-led style. The relationship between planes of land and sky and the depth of distance make for minimalistic pieces of art that capture the haziness of memories. Matt’s work is both meditative and nostalgic, he reimagines landscapes through an emotional response, and transforms them into something far off yet evocative and familiar.

        Matt Jukes’ Process

        The arrangement of colour and colour theory is integral to Matt’s work. For Matt, colour is a means of expressing emotion, so the choice of colour is crucial to his process. Starting each piece with a search for colour, Matt mixes inks together, and in doing so new emotions arise. Due to the scale of his work, Matt’s monoprints are often confused for screenprints. Working on a 200 year old flatbed lithographic press, Matt repeats his process to build up layer upon layer and creates textures that result in prints that resemble paintings.

        Matt’s Inspiration

        Matt considers music to be incredibly important to his process, contributing to the emotive element of his art. Throughout the years spent developing his style and visual language into landscapes, he started off painting sound waves. Visually, it is no surprise that Rothko is a huge influence on Matt. My Bloody Valentine has been particularly instrumental in the refinement of Matt’s style through its ability to appear so simple but captivate the viewer through its detail and depth.

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