Nude Drawings For Sale

Discover nude drawings for sale. The human figure is one of the most difficult and enduring themes in the visual arts, and nude drawings may be done from live models, photographs or from memory and imagination. While some artists approach nude drawings as an exploration of the human anatomy, other artists focus on the interplay between light and shadows on the surface of the body. Start or continue your art collecting journey by taking a look at our selection of Charcoal Nude Drawings, Ink Nude Drawings or Pastel Nude Drawings.…

All our art works are chosen by our own curators who are committed to curatorial rigour and genuine high-level engagement with artists and collectors. Be sure to use our search tool to narrow down your search to exact style nude drawings you’re after. We have drawings ranging in styles and techniques that span minimalist to expressionistic.

Not sure where to start? Richard Storey's Articulation is one of our most striking, expressionist nude drawings. Richard’s primary subject is the nude human body and his interest lies in capturing it in stillness and in motion. His technique for capturing movement involves using multiple drawings, layered up to form a story. He uses loose media such as Indian ink, compressed charcoal and boot polish for its uncontrollable qualities, over which he then lays precise media - pen and ink, chalk, pastel and fine charcoal. Richard studied art at Cambridge University and today he lives and works in London.

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