Pauline Di Valentin


Pauline Di Valentin, Amiens artist, makes ink drawings on paper featuring lost architectures in the middle of abundant vegetation. In these drawings on paper, pastel villas stand in an isolated district, in the middle of a dense jungle that breaks our bearings. Ink, diluted, faded, allows marbled effects, transparencies or degraded. And it is mainly in a palette of roses and greens that the architectural and plant universe of these imaginary places are spreading in paper. From one image to another, we find a resonance, between the varieties of plants and trees, the architectures, the colors, the objects, the characters which seem to meet as belonging to the same place, to the same idea .

Selected Works

Spesa by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 65x50 cm
Neve by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 70x50 cm
Fall by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 70x50 cm
Scale by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 150x150 cm
Kimono by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 135x77 cm
Waterfall by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 65x50 cm
Luna Rossa by Pauline Di Valentin

Luna Rossa

Drawings - 70x50 cm
Etna by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 145x100 cm
Marble house by Pauline Di Valentin

Marble house

Drawings - 65x50 cm
Python by Pauline Di Valentin


Drawings - 70x50 cm


Drawings - 70x50 cm

Strada rosa

Drawings - 70x100 cm

Jungle house

Drawings - 41x31 cm

Jungle house III

Drawings - 70x50 cm

Crossing tv

Drawings - 60x40 cm


Drawings - 150x200 cm


Drawings - 70x50 cm

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