Dominican-born graffiti artist and painter John Andrew Perello, aka JonOne, was born in New York ( in the 1960s. A child of Harlem, JonOne started out by bombing the trains and walls of his neighbourhood at the age of seventeen.

As a self-taught artist, he made the transition from urban media to canvas (a medium with which he exhibited all over the world), producing works that were clearly influenced by his experiences (hip hop, the street, the underground) and by modern painting. In an innovative style that surpasses the laws dictated by graffiti (street art, urban culture), his pieces address his 'freestyle' (the freedom he advocates above all else), his watchword that imposes no limits.

In his paintings, space is used entirely. Colour appears to be JonOne's lifeblood, his palette rich and vivid, the tones and contrasts revealing subtle interplay of nuances, where in a harmonious composition that appears as spontaneous as it is measured, the shapes knot and untie, undulate or become straight. There is symmetry and asymmetry, repetition and unification, and the line is mastered with precision and suppleness. Each of her canvases is an [abstract] improvisation (, whose brilliance conveys a joie de vivre.

Selected Works

Show time by JonOne

Show time

Paintings - 135x135 cm
Paris worry about you by JonOne

Paris worry about you

Paintings - 137x137 cm
Now or never by JonOne

Now or never

Paintings - 135x135 cm
Matches by JonOne


Paintings - 74x68 cm
Pushed to the Edge by JonOne

Pushed to the Edge

Paintings - 64x54 cm
My world by JonOne

My world

Prints - 61x51 cm
Birth of the wind by JonOne

Birth of the wind

Paintings - 27x27 cm
Coffret - Poetry in motion by JonOne

Coffret - Poetry in motion

Paintings - 27x27 cm
Storm by JonOne


Prints - 70x50 cm
KIDS by JonOne


Prints - 60x46 cm

Where Are You

Paintings - 94x78 cm


Paintings - 40x50 cm

Sans titre

Drawings - 32x21 cm

Sans titre

Drawings - 37x27 cm


Paintings - 32x41 cm

The Storm

Prints - 87x68 cm

Kid's World

Prints - 60x45 cm


Prints - 76x55 cm


Paintings - 20x80 cm

Lenox Lounge

Prints - 50x50 cm

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