Niki Hare is a self-taught visual artist working across video, collage, painting and more.
After a twenty-year hiatus, Niki returned to art with unstoppable energy and passion.
Niki’s work has garnered international interest and has featured in exhibitions in the UK, Germany and the USA.

Niki Hare is a self-taught visual artist based in Gloucestershire. Known for her eclectic style, Niki dissects and digests concepts of vision and existence through painting, collage, print and video. Working in a wide range of media, Niki deconstructs the world around us, presenting it from multiple angles, instilling the ordinary with a thought-provoking sense of impermanence, imbalance and discomfort.

Niki Hare’s Return To The Arts

After a brief period at art college, Niki took 20-years away from art to pursue a career in equestrianism. Now back on the art scene, her presence is unignorable. Street Art and Abstract Expressionism influences come through Niki Hare's work. Through a process of intricate layering and complex compositions, many of her canvases begin as typographical explorations and evolve into new visual languages.

Style and Approach

In her abstract collages, the artist combines elements of detailing and observation. Niki layers paint, scrapes it back, forms new textures and animates surfaces with images and, her signature addition, graffiti-esque words. Curiously, Niki not only manages to explore what is there but also what is not; she sees the unseen, the spaces between and what could be there. Her alternative portraits investigate the self, coupling dusky details with a sense of exposing our most vulnerable, hidden traits - painting from the inside out.

Exhibitions and Projects

Niki, although only a recent addition to the art scene, has garnered considerable international interest. Niki’s work, intriguing and unsettling windows into the human condition, has featured in exhibitions in the UK, Germany and the USA. In 2013, she exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, at the Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition, and at Drawn at the RWA in Bristol. The artist is currently involved with internet collage projects taking place across the USA.

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