Gocha Tsinadze


Gocha Tsinadze is a multimedia artist. He works and lives in Brooklyn, NY and hails from the Republic of Georgia. His works are studies of a process in abstraction as a subconscious linguistic system. Formally, the work explores the meeting place between drawing and painting, as the drawings attempt to float on the surface of the painting all while engaging the painting as a whole. The visual shapes are created through a linear drawing process which acts to describe hypothetical physical forms and abstract webs of temporal activity. The whole is to reveal itself and it’s making at once. The steps and sequences of clarifying and obscuring process are, in this case, achieved through the layering and filtering of materials.

Selected Works

piaggio by Gocha Tsinadze


Paintings - 41x61 cm
Divided Sky by Gocha Tsinadze

Divided Sky

Paintings - 122x91 cm
Napoleon's Remorse by Gocha Tsinadze

Napoleon's Remorse

Paintings - 122x91 cm
Squid by Gocha Tsinadze


Paintings - 61x91 cm
liquid liquid by Gocha Tsinadze

liquid liquid

Paintings - 30x40 cm
SEARCH FOR MT. FUJI by Gocha Tsinadze


Paintings - 56x76 cm
PAINTING 11 by Gocha Tsinadze


Paintings - 48x61 cm
"number 12" by Gocha Tsinadze

"number 12"

Paintings - 35x23 cm
Blue Cypher Wave  by Gocha Tsinadze

Blue Cypher Wave

Paintings - 20x20 cm
painting 111 by Gocha Tsinadze

painting 111

Paintings - 30x20 cm

Lucid Topography

Paintings - 28x20 cm

dream logic

Paintings - 30x22 cm

Typography Monster

Paintings - 28x20 cm

Cyan Happening Again

Paintings - 28x20 cm

Magenta Happening 12

Paintings - 40x30 cm

Small Monster

Paintings - 25x20 cm

Typography Monster

Paintings - 28x20 cm

number 2

Paintings - 20x30 cm

Yellow Warbler

Paintings - 40x30 cm


Paintings - 28x23 cm

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