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      Shinoid Shinoid

      Inspired by biology, Shinoid's colourful paintings are abstractions of beautiful yet small and strange organic matter.
      Shinoid's paintings, like a drifting human mind, evoke spontaneity and curiosity.
      Shinoid has exhibited in the US and mainland China.

      Shinoid's paintings step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Expressionistic and abstract in style, Shinoid's works are a mystifying recreation of the natural world, taking inspiration from nature, calligraphy, music, and inquiries on human consciousness.

      Shinoid’s Style and Inspiration

      Shinoid's works principally focus on the in-between, on where boundaries have blurred or merged. She confuses the divide between nature, and human-made, imagining and remembering, and between the unconscious and conscious. Influenced by her biological science background, Shinoid's colourful aquatic-style paintings are abstractions of beautiful yet small and strange life matter, such as plankton or mushroom filaments. Like a drifting human mind with hidden dreams and symbols, her paintings evince spontaneity, imagination and awe.

      Exhibitions and International Acclaim

      Shinoid has presented her works at the Superfine! LA Art Fair (2020) and The Other Art Fair in Dallas. The Sahara West Library and East Las Vegas Library presented her 23-piece series Ocean of Stories in 2020. Overseas, Shinoid exhibited at the Shanghai International Art Fair (2020) where she was a nominee for a Global Art Award. The artist currently lives in the US.

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