Barbara Krupp

Barbara Krupp is inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse and Joan Miro.
Barbara painted landscapes before developing her abstract style.
Barbara’s art is focused on representing the space between forms.

Barbara Krupp is an American artist who creates colourful large scale abstract paintings. Storytelling and interconnection sit at the heart of Barbara's work, along with a flair for beauty. Barbara uses curving lines and delicate shapes to give her work a rhythmic quality. Barbara’s soft brushstrokes and harmonious palette echos her focus on connection and tranquility. The dancerly quality of Barbara's work resembles that of Matisse, Miro and Kandinsky. Evoking living forms and movements, Barbara instils an active energy into each of her paintings.

Barbara Krupp’s Education

Born in Elyria, Ohio, Barbara is an entirely self-taught artist. After school, she trained as an x-ray technician, which piqued her interest in the representation of bodies and the spaces between forms. Barbara embarked on her artistic career in 1976 and quickly gained recognition throughout the US. Since her first solo show in 1979, Barbara’s abstract art has found its way into private and public collections across the country.

Abstract Stories Collection

Barbara’s Abstract Stories collection is unique in its use of colour. In this series, Barbara has replaced bold and saturated colours with paler and more subtle tones. Centred around atmosphere and space, Abstract Stories is at once intimate and universal; it draws the viewer in whilst gesturing at something larger and more universal. The conceptual tone that drives this collection encourages deep contemplation and at times, introspection.

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