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      Khalid Alzayani


      Khalid Alzayani is a contemporary artist based in the UAE known for painting in an exciting range of styles. Whether abstract, street art or figurative in practice, Khalid's works are full of warmth, life and colour, reflecting his passion and joy for painting.

      Khalid Alzayani‘s Early Career

      Khalid began painting at 12 years old and discovered his love for oil paints at 15 years old. He had to ride his bike for several miles to an art shop - the only one in his country that sold oil paint. Khalid graduated from The University of Houston in 1991. The artist painted on and off for many years until, following a group exhibition in 2013 in Qatar, he decided to dedicate himself to working in acrylics and oils.

      Style and Influences

      Often inspired by the clay houses from his childhood neighbourhood, Khalid fills his canvases with colour and light. All his paintings have contagious energy, felt through vigorous brushstrokes and a firework display of colour. His bold and fearless application of paint allows him to communicate the emotions and mood felt at the time of creation, mirroring expressionist works by the likes of Paul Cezanne. His quieter paper portraits creatively document his ideas and observations of society and community at large.


      Khalid has exhibited his work in Bahrain and Qatar. In 2017, he participated in the 44th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition at Bahrain National Art Museum in Manama, Bahrain. In 2019, he also held a solo exhibition at The World Caravan of Tolerance, Zabeel Hall of Dubai, World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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