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      Expressionistic Paintings For Sale

      Browse our selection of expressionism paintings for sale. We showcase some of the best contemporary painters working in the expressionistic style today, with our collection ever evolving to ensure you find something. If you are not sure where to start, explore our popular portrait, still life or landscape expressionism paintings.

      Grigorii Pavlychev is a Russian expressionistic painter whose work focuses on portraiture and abstraction. In Soaring Girls (2019) Pavlychev’s gestural and erratic brushstrokes distort the figures with thick and textural layers of paint, while his non-naturalistic and blunt colours trace the curves and density of the female form.

      The expressionist style is said to have originated with Vincent Van Gogh, before becoming a major style all throughout the twentieth century. Expressionistic painters typically distort the image of reality through non-naturalistic and highly intense or vivid use of colour. Brushstrokes are also a lot looser and the application of paint can be heavy to create textured.

      This freer method allowed artists to create paintings infused with a sense of immediacy and pure expression of emotion, leading to the term expressionist.

      The style influenced art movements such as German Expressionism, neo-expressionism and abstract expressionism, as well as many artists such as Edvard Munch, Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon, to name but a few.

      Schiele is known for his expressive use of line, which he created by retaining constant eye contact with his models, channelling a more intense experience and creating a loose and continuing line.

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        Paintings - 50x40 cm

        The Dream House (small) 4

        Paintings - 30x40 cmRent for $ 85/mo

        The Dream House (small) 5

        Paintings - 30x40 cmRent for $ 85/mo


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        The Vanishing Man

        Paintings - 47x38 cmRent for $ 100/mo

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        The Dream House (small) 1

        Paintings - 30x40 cmRent for $ 85/mo

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        Paintings - 78x56 cmRent for $ 350/mo

        Day 39 Christ Tempted in the Wilderness

        Paintings - 175x145 cmRent for $ 1,150/mo

        To Solitude

        Paintings - 85x105 cmRent for $ 160/mo

        Self Esteem

        Paintings - 70x45 cm

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        Paintings - 40x30 cmRent for $ 180/mo

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        Paintings - 127x102 cmRent for $ 135/mo

        Dark Botanical 4

        Paintings - 41x51 cm

        The Dream House (Small) 2

        Paintings - 30x40 cmRent for $ 85/mo


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        Attempting resistance

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        Nocturnal Explorer

        Paintings - 107x86 cm


        Paintings - 70x50 cmRent for $ 60/mo