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      Anna was born in Moscow in 1984. She came of age in the post-Soviet Russia where apart from doing academic drawing and painting she studied linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. She continued her art training at Central Saint Martins.

      Since coming across to the UK, Anna has collaborated with luxury design brands to create custom prints based on her original artwork. Her paintings have been photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue UK.

      Anna's work today shifts between nonfigurative and representational art drawing upon philosophical ideas, contemporary science, the infinite and the unconscious.

      "I am drawn to abstract art as it communicates by bypassing the words and formalised understanding of the world. It is a meditation, a most pure creative output that comes entirely from within. But at the same time I find figurative elements in my work to be a powerful tool to trigger a response. It is like working with both cerebral hemispheres."

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