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Lilia Orlova-Holmes

Lilia Orlova-Holmes is a best-selling artist from Moscow.
Lilia is inspired by the constant renewal of the natural world.
Lilia's paintings bring together semi-abstract techniques and romantic subject matter.

Best-selling artist Lilia Orlova-Holmes finds inspiration in how nature creates endless variety without judging what should or should not be. The UK-based artist is known for her dynamic floral paintings that celebrate the natural world. Lilia studied Art in Moscow between 1987-92.

Lilia Orlova-Holmes' Style and Inspiration

Lilia's paintings are a window to marvel at nature, bestowed with brilliant colours, blushing tones and delicate textures. However, while anchored in figurations, these pieces remain explorations of feelings aroused by her search for inner meaning. Much in the same way, Lilia invites viewers to step into the artwork and experience the emotion awoken in them, too. More recent, expressionist works reflect the artist's progression to looser and freer brushwork, expressing a deep emotional intuition.

Career and Collections

Lilia's paintings are in over 400 collections around the world. She has also exhibited at The London Art Fair. The artist currently lives and works in Kent.

Selected Works

Lily pond. Last days of summer.

Paintings - 120x100 cm

At the pond’s edge

Paintings - 120x100 cm

Green river. Diptych

Paintings - 140x180 cm

Summer Bliss. Jug of Flowers.

Paintings - 150x100 cm

Summer bliss

Paintings - 150x100 cm

Lily pond. The flow.

Paintings - 100x150 cm

White irises

Paintings - 90x120 cm

Spring Mountains

Paintings - 183x122 cm

Spring returns to the mountains

Paintings - 183x122 cm

Green waters

Paintings - 135x200 cm

Spring Pond

Paintings - 100x150 cm


Paintings - 120x150 cm

Spring tree

Paintings - 120x100 cm


Paintings - 190x220 cm

Waiting for spring

Paintings - 100x150 cm

Spring trees

Paintings - 120x100 cm


Paintings - 150x120 cm

Evening still life

Paintings - 120x100 cm

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