Grigorii Pavlychev

Grigorii Pavlychev paints expressive works that combine abstraction and portraiture.
Grigorii has held a solo show at the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and is a member of the Russian Union of Artists.
These paintings make for punchy and evocative statement pieces.

Cyprus based artist Grigorii Pavlychev was born in Siberia in 1986. He moved to St. Petersburg in 2001 and graduated from Facility of Arts of St.Petersburg State University. During this 6 educational years Grigorii Pavlychev had been practising in such art disciplines like painting, academic drawing, composition, sculpture, anatomy, print making and etc. under supervision of famous Russian artists on a day-to-day basis. In 2012 his paintings were included in Art Helsinki international biennale. He put a solo exhibition at the historic Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on 2013-2014 season’s opening. Grigorii Pavlychev made his American debut in 2016 in Boston. In the very beginning of 2018 he was granted a membership of Russian Union of Artists (painting department), participated residence for artists in Belgium and attracted more than 120 collectors from all over the World. Six paintings of the artist are in the collection of National Bank of Bahrain.

Grigorii Pavlychev is a contemporary artist who mixes Expressionism and Figurative styles trying to bring his own take on both. When you first look at his paintings, you may find yourself peering out at an abstract expressionist composition or the quiet and moving form of the subject. Grigorii’s main task as an artist is to make the viewer explore both sides of this dynamics. He draws inspiration from the human body the most.

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