Winnie Sidharta


Winnie Sidharta is a painter based in Queens, New York. Born and raised in East Java, Indonesia. Winnie has exhibited in galleries and museums in Indonesia, Beijing, California, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York City. She studied Visual Communication Design in Indonesia and Oil Painting in Beijing, China. In 2010, she received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from The Ohio State University and later taught there before settling in New York City in 2014.  Winnie’s works investigate subjects of collective cultural experiences such as immigration and assimilation through the mediums of collage, painting, drawing and site-specific installation. In her installation at Ortega Y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, New York, she explored methods of printing, stamping and carving as extension of her collage practice, while examining the history of Batik textile and architectural story telling. Her recent work and artist interview were featured in issue 10 of Maake Magazine, a non-profit artist-run publication. She recently collaborated with Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Commission to create a site-specific project for the Philadelphia’s Indonesian and South East Asian immigrant community. She’s currently working on a new body of work exploring handmade paper, raw pigments and sculptural substrates.

Selected Works

The Fall by Winnie Sidharta

The Fall

Paintings - 76x76 cm
Crossings by Winnie Sidharta


Paintings - 91x43 cm
Unknown Masses by Winnie Sidharta

Unknown Masses

Paintings - 91x56 cm
Nightwalker by Winnie Sidharta


Paintings - 132x76 cm
In Bloom by Winnie Sidharta

In Bloom

Paintings - 31x31 cm
Rooted by Winnie Sidharta


Paintings - 46x15 cm
Monsoon by Winnie Sidharta


Paintings - 41x30 cm
Ether by Winnie Sidharta


Paintings - 112x86 cm
Edge to Edge by Winnie Sidharta

Edge to Edge

Paintings - 46x41 cm
Rebirth by Winnie Sidharta


Paintings - 51x41 cm

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