Khaled Alkhani


A painter from Syria, Khaled Alkhani arrived in France in 2011, forced to flee his country after having taken part in the demonstrations against Bashar el-Assad. The violence that has turned upside down and still upset his country largely permeate his work. The lonely and anonymous woman is at the center of her approach. Long silhouettes, both elegant and silent, drapes with brilliant colors, pictorial translation of the artist's emotions. Between matters of materials and gestural freedom, the female figure of Khaled Alkhani captivates us. "Contemporary expressionism of Khaled Alkhani conjures bad memories. His majestic art says the infinite life that resists infinitely, and his painting dazzles the extent." Christian Noorbergen, art critic The works of Khaled Alkhani were exhibited worldwide, in France as in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Germany.

Selected Works

Ne peut pas faire by Khaled Alkhani

Ne peut pas faire

Paintings - 160x130 cm
Comme with me by Khaled Alkhani

Comme with me

Paintings - 160x141 cm
La gloire des femmes by Khaled Alkhani

La gloire des femmes

Paintings - 110x85 cm
assis et attendant by Khaled Alkhani

assis et attendant

Paintings - 116x89 cm
fierté Soi Nature by Khaled Alkhani

fierté Soi Nature

Paintings - 184x135 cm
Mon ombre m'accompagne toujours by Khaled Alkhani

Mon ombre m'accompagne toujours

Paintings - 130x97 cm
Je t'adore à la folie by Khaled Alkhani

Je t'adore à la folie

Paintings - 125x70 cm
Que veulent-ils de lui by Khaled Alkhani

Que veulent-ils de lui

Paintings - 196x150 cm
femme portant une robe d'été orange by Khaled Alkhani

Le coucher de soleil d'hier

Paintings - 162x130 cm

Le jumeau irréel

Paintings - 200x123 cm

moment de sensibilité

Paintings - 200x168 cm

la lumière de nos sentiments

Paintings - 65x54 cm

une nouvelle naissance

Paintings - 195x97 cm

Une femme caresse le faucon

Paintings - 170x170 cm

La valeur de l'amour

Paintings - 146x97 cm

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