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Discover a diverse and exciting collection of street art paintings available to buy online today. We showcase paintings from artists working across the world and hand-select each and every piece to appeal to a range of interior settings. Whether you’re looking for a botanical piece, or perhaps you’re after a portrait, our online gallery is ever-expanding with work from some of the biggest names in the contemporary street art scene. Get to know the genre today and buy street art paintings from our collection, or have a browse of our street art photography, street art collage or street art prints for inspiration.


Discover the exciting world of contemporary street art with our ever-evolving online collection of street art paintings. The weird and wonderful world of Michael Tierney is always a good place to start exploring. Michael is a British painter whose work draws strong inspiration from the urban and satirical style of street art. With an eclectic collection of colourful characters and objects, and a penchant for all things fantastical, Michael’s paintings echo the chaos of modern life. Michael’s painting, Zero Gravity has a surrealist edge to it, with a range of contrasting motifs that make for an intriguing narrative. The use of mixed media further draws the viewer into the imaginary realm that Michael has created.

Offering a different take on the street art style is contemporary artist, Andrew Crane. Andrew’s approach is diverse, as he created a range of colour field, abstract and street art paintings. His use of typography plays on the public persona of street art, and its ability to share information. His piece, ETC offers a compelling take on our perception of imagery and information, making for a piece of art that leaves the viewer curious and compelled.

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      Hood In The Heart

      Paintings - 150x105cm

      Presley, Elvis A

      Paintings - 153x127cm

      Bogatell Railway 2

      Paintings - 150x105cm

      Primitive Necessary

      Paintings - 100x100cm

      The Champ, Muhammad Ali

      Paintings - 152x127cmRent for $ 580/mo

      That Blue

      Paintings - 50x60cmRent for $ 140/mo

      Barcelona Storm Sky

      Paintings - 105x75cm


      Paintings - 152x127cm

      MonetMonetMonet (Light & Dark)

      Paintings - 30x90cmRent for $ 85/mo

      Letter P

      Paintings - 130x97cm


      Paintings - 150x105cm

      Apparent Signs

      Paintings - 41x31cmRent for $ 130/mo

      Cake Outline

      Paintings - 50x70cmRent for $ 265/mo

      Zero Gravity

      Paintings - 76x76cm

      Dorothy Dandridge

      Paintings - 102x78cmRent for $ 155/mo

      Siesta 4

      Paintings - 100x140cm

      Monet Monet Monet tondo n°5

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Space Odyssey #1

      Paintings - 120x100cm

      Where to go

      Paintings - 61x61cmRent for $ 115/mo

      drawing 12

      Paintings - 50x40cmRent for $ 47/mo


      Paintings - 76x61cmRent for $ 91/mo

      Rise Aloft and Soar

      Paintings - 57x33cmRent for $ 71/mo

      Monet Monet Monet (Gold)

      Paintings - 90x30cmRent for $ 85/mo


      Paintings - 76x121cm

      Or maybe not

      Paintings - 100x200cmRent for $ 575/mo

      Ironing Bird

      Paintings - 76x56cmRent for $ 86/mo